Friday, April 4, 2014


   Three of our boys are playing Spring Lacrosse. Unfortunately, they are each on a different team with a different practice field. They are placed by the high school that the team with eventually feed into. We live in the Meridian High area but ended up with a kid on Rocky Mountain, one on Bishop Kelly, and Parker on Mountain View. So life is nuts. We are at a lacrosse field six nights a week. Not sure why I thought this was a good plan. Oh ya, they LOVE it. The boys have really come alive for the first time since our move back to Idaho.
  You would think with all this time supporting their athletic endeavors that I would have learned how to photograph this sport. No. The boys play the mid-fielder position that run up and down the field the entire game. Always moving and Mom can't seem to quite capture it. Here is my best attempt at Parker's first game:

 He is #16 on the lighter green team with the *lovely* red socks and elbow pads.

  He is loving his team. Parker is one of the biggest kids out there but he is getting into great athletic shape with all that running. Trying to keep up with the speedy little guys is his biggest challenge.
  I miss when he and Kaleb could play on the same team but this has been good for him to connect with other 8th graders.
  They won, by the way. And again last night, against a much tougher team. Go PJ!


  1. Busy, busy Mama! I'm glad your boys are happy...I bet they're HUNGRY too!!

    1. Always hungry ;)
      They are thrilled, which is the only reason I haven't called it quits. Tough schedule for Mama!

  2. This whole lacrosse thing is new to me, but I have a feeling it will be in my future?! Love the pics!

    1. Yes, it has become a huge interest in the Treasure Valley. I was shocked because when we lived here before I had not heard more than a few words about it.