Monday, November 4, 2013

Idaho Botanical Garden

My dads sister Tina was in town for a bit. She is a fun aunt who loves get out and explore. She told me the Botanical Gardens were have some kind of scarecrow competition and invited the boys and I to come check it out. I count these kind of excursions as school time so it was a two-for ;)

My cousin Becky was able to join us to boot! We lucked out on the perfect fall day, the place was full of gorgeous autumn color.

The perfect outing until I asked Aden to stand next to these cattails...
...exactly one second after this picture, he fell in the water! He likes to tell people I pushed him in. (he changed with some clothes that were thankfully in the car and was promised a video game for his trouble)

 Sometimes this homebody just needs to get out and see this beautiful place we live, thanks Aunt Tina!


  1. Wasn't that sculpture thing the one that used to be in the mall? I was having a flash back or something. ;)

    1. I think it was! Funny, I didn't notice. Must have been too busy keeping kids OUT of the water ;)

  2. Love these pictures so much! I need to take my girls over there- it's been a while. You made me allllll kinds of homesick for the East end! (I grew up right next door to Castle Rock!)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! I think Idaho is agreeing with you and your boys...

  4. Love the BOISE brick photo. Also, I heart that you keep and post the blurry pictures.