Thursday, June 30, 2016

Get away

 After more than two years, Matt and I had a little weekend to ourselves. Hooray!

It worked out that two would be at camp for most of the time so the Grandmas would only have to wrestle two wildlings for a couple days each.
 We decided to stay in town, enjoying our own home and the best of Boise's eats. Once Matt was off work and the boys were settled in, we headed straight for Tin Roof Tacos. Our new favorite in town, the fried chicken taco is killer!

 We hiked up Table Rock and took some awkward photos to prove it.
 Matt finally got to try Bleubird in downtown Boise.

 And! We tried out a new place for both of us, Bacon.

 To cap it off, we all met up at Sockeye to celebrate Father's Day.

And then, because I was feeling particularly rested, I wrote this little tribute to my dad:

Cheers to dads who get ruffle-y socks to match puffy-sleeved dresses. Who take little girls to see Broadway shows and Clint Black concerts. The guys who teach their daughters the names of flowers while they complain about the weird smell of Home Depot. Who have a panic attack about the mention of a crush but want all the details. Cheers to the man that made me creative and fierce. Miss you, Dad.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Aden turns 12

 Aden had a party for his 12th birthday on National Doughnut Day. It was as easy as inviting a few friends, using our apocalyptic backyard for a Nerf War, and piling up doughnuts for a cake.

 There was an obstacle course, some Mentos and Diet Coke experiments, and a campfire to close out the night. Aden has made some great friends over the last year and I think they just wanted a chance to "hang."

Kaleb skateboarded down to Albertson's to get Aden this raft as a gift. (And then had to skateboard home with it fully inflated. Ha!) So sweet. They took it to Grandma Ellen's pool to test it out.

 Also, snow cones and pancakes. Sugar rush!

One last celebration to cap off the birthday week. Dan and Ellen give each of the boys $500 and a fancy dinner if they read through the Bible. Aden just finished in time for this to coincide with his birthday. Such a profound investment in their grandson's life. It takes a village!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Onto High School

Kaleb's eighth grade graduation was a delightful ceremony recognizing the growth in these young people over the course of middle school. 

It has been a blessing to have Kaleb, Aden, and Collin at the same school. Kaleb is particularly protective of his brothers. He can mess with them, but no one else can!
Kaleb and his best friend Indy. They have a band together with their classmate Lindsay. They even have an Instagram, so cool!

He read a poem at the ceremony. Kaleb is truly a strong, confident, charismatic leader and that has been recognized and celebrated at his school.

He will be a freshman at Renaissance High School next year. He is excited to be a apart of some of their unique courses but mostly their killer weight room to work out in. The two gals, pictured with him below, will also attend RHS. Pretty great that from his small charter school he can transition with friends.
This is Kaleb's good friend River at an outdoor camp. She is an artist and she would encourage Kaleb in art and when he was trying to throw away his art projects, she would save them from the trash for me. She also makes great fudge. I really like River :)
This is just a weird picture of my ginger guy with blue eyebrows at the school carnival. No matter how proud I am of him, he always brings back the reality of parenting teens. Embrace the weird.

Boise West U13

#11 with the pink cleats is our Aden. As the little brother to two other lacrosse players, he has developed into quite the competitor. This year, with how the birthdays fall, he was the youngest member of his team. He made the A team though and saw a good amount of playing time. He will spend his off season trying to bulk up, as you can see, some of the other guys are way bigger than him. Hard to think about an Archuleta being the lil' guy :)