Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Motherly Love

Why is that not the saying? Why not Motherly Love instead of Brotherly Love? I guess because Mother is synonymous with love. Mine for sure is.
We had a lovely Mother's Day celebration this year at Bonefish downtown. Also, a girls day for donuts and pedicures.

 This past school year has been just like my journey to motherhood. A little place in my body, growing something new. Taking far too long and leaving me lost in possibility.

What on earth have I been up to? I wanted to post all about taking some classes, or volunteering for an amazing organization. I wanted a checklist. Something impressive. It's all the same though. I still prep meals, I still do laundry, and I still binge Netflix more than I should. Turns out there is work for a stay at home mom even when her kids are away at school.

I was listening to Rob Bell's podcast recently. (One of the things I am doing with my time while the boys are at school.) He was speaking with Krista Tippett about creating a space for something new to happen. It hit me like a lightening bolt. That has been my journey this year. This opportunity in time for something new to grow. A lot of praying, meditating, reflecting. And a whole lot of House of Cards. ;)

So that's it. I have a newborn. My time is a newborn. It's in it's infancy. It keeps me up at night and it comes with weird food cravings. It may blossom into more writing. More photography. For sure more prayers. I have just tried to enjoy the "pregnancy" without expectations. Because I am creating space for something new to happen. That's exciting.

Just look at those man cubs! Those courageous, hilarious bits of bone and flesh that came from me. It's a holy thing to raise them. Besides that podcast, which I would highly recommend, I also read this post from Ann Voscamp. So good and so timely. We need triage for moms of teenagers!
Mostly, it has been a school year of exhausting growth all around. All the good stuff. The goodnight kisses, the homemade Mother's Day gifts, the silly puns during carpool. And it is all mixed in with grouchy mornings, forgotten chores, and harsh words spoken. It's a swirly blend of breathless and grateful. Stressed out and simultaneously aware that we are living one hell of a wonderful life. Just doing my thing to be the Motherly Love that guides this band of wild men.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

blog killer

Instagram has been my blog 2.0. I have not even kept up well with Instagram, truthfully. Keeping a record of our days is something I am always trying to keep pace with. This was a special post I did awhile back that I want to have here on the blog. I am on Instagram as thefunnyfarm if you miss me here :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Patriots Lacrosse

We are halfway through lacrosse season over here. Parker, Kaleb, and Aden are playing this year. I will start with Parker. He plays for Centennial High School on their JV team. Before the league games began we traveled to Salt Lake City to play in a tournament back in March. My parents joined us and rented a sweet little mountain getaway. It made for a fun trip. We watched a lot of lacrosse, saw a Jazz game, and of course Matt and I found an In and Out.

I try to bring the camera out a few times each game but the team has some parents that are much more talented than me. Plus, the game is truly fun to watch. Super fast paced and action packed.

 They are ranked 7th of nine teams, so there has been a lot of tough losses. He is one of the team's captains, which suits him. Quite a bit of new leadership skills developing this year. Our mantra has been; "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wild Rumpus

 Collin is 9! He wanted to invite his whole class to his party. I was nervous we would have 20 kids or none but it was a good group that showed up. There was pizza and cupcakes and an egg hunt. The kids also started a Nerf dart war and a dance off.

I love to plan and prep and create a kids party. It is the actual party that gives me hives. Just kidding. Not really ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

report card

   As usual, my youngest son has flipped my perspective on parenting on it's head. A few months back I received Collin's report card. His progress is always good but the report is filled with categories like, "needs improvement," or "does not meet standard." It is a difficult thing to take in as a mom. I have three other kids that have very different, very high-achieving report cards. And, in raising these four boys, I have never seen any of them work as hard as Collin. 

   I am so very proud of the work he puts in. With ADHD and dyslexia, the classroom is not an ideal place for him. He keeps his teacher and I guessing, for example, it will take him anywhere between one and three weeks to master a spelling list. No real pattern or method for success has been apparent. Yet he greets each school day with enthusiasm. He is quite social with his peers and many of his teacher aides have commented on that joy of his. 

   Medication was not a good fit for Collin right now. Maybe in the future we will investigate further.  (Middle School, I'm looking at you.) For now, we take our vitamins, we lather on essential oils, and we have a morning pep talk about controlling our bodies and the volume of our voice. I laughed at loud when I read a note Collin wrote to thank his principal for all his hard work and noticed Collin ended it with, "I am gluten free because my mom thinks its a good idea." Ha! Indeed, Collin is  willing to make the changes but he would be all Cheetos and playing SkyLanders all day if he was in charge,

We are all met with challenges in life and Collin has taught me the most about how to respond to those difficulties. When something proves frustrating for my three over achievers, I have some new resiliency skills up my sleeve. The true life hacks for when, not if, things don't come easy. Let's face it, we live in a culture that is achievement based and celebrates overnight successes. Fighting that flow has been consuming for me. I was the cool, composed young mom at all those award ceremonies where my kids were center stage.  Now I am "that mom" whose kid can't sit still or shoves ahead in pickup line. 

So we have changed what and how we celebrate achievement at our house.  We started looking for what each son specifically excels or struggles with. We will help support where needed and when they get it right? There is no more money for straight A report cards. Now there is going out for froyo and cheers from your brothers. The older boys miss the way it used to work out for them but I am insisting that learning empathy and goal setting and doing it together is the better way,

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Some snaps from around here lately. The Superbowl. Matt had a birthday, Parker got his braces off. My lil' Sweet P had a 49er birthday party. I live for these winter celebrations in the midst of cold gray Idaho winters. 

I also worked in time for a Sister Weekend. We had sun and of course, rain. Walking around old neighborhoods, eating the best Seattle fare. (This trip we hit up Cafe Flora in Madison Park. Fantastic vegetarian spot.  My favorite- Toulouse Petit in Queen Anne. The best. Period. In Ballard we hit  Percy's- outstanding drinks and The Gerald, which had a fun Mad Men vibe. In Belltown we ate at Some Random Bar. Good food and nice people.) 

I decided we had to see the Sisters movie. (Yikes, only good for a few good laughs.) We also watched The Room together. Horrified but also, give Jacob Tremblay an Oscar! That kid is legit.

Our chats about butter in coffee, Bernie Sanders, and teen rebellion probably make sense to no one else but us. I always leave feeling so spoiled and so loved. Thanks, Sis!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


It's Parker's 16th birthday and all I can think about is exceeded expectations. Almost every blog post about him is about that, too. That says it all really. He has always been the joyful surprise in my life. Smarter, more clever, stronger, more handsome, and wiser than I could have ever dreamed. 

Parker you keep us laughing with your quick wit and you are a champion oldest brother. I love watching you play sports, you have so much talent for being part of a team. You help me wrangle the minions and only sometimes, become one yourself. 

Cheers to 16 years! Have courage as you navigate these next few years that will shape your future. As always, we will be on the sideline cheering you on.