Friday, October 2, 2015

Year 13 & 14

With optimism, I looked for anniversary posts on our 13th & 14th years of marriage so I can finish this series I started. There are none. Oh, 2013 & 2014, you jerks, you. Matt and I had a real hard time with those years. Overwhelmed with life, work, our first teenager, and an ADHD child, we had nothing left for each other.

The good news is we made it! I learned some things along the way, too. Things like the best bottle of red under $10. (ha! kidding, kinda.) I poured a lot into the kids during those days. Which is kind of cliche but also, kind of like loving Matt because they are half him. I learned new things about food and tried new dishes which is one of Matt's favorite ways to be loved. Honestly, there was a whole lot of "Help me, Jesus!" At some point, it didn't stop being difficult but I noticed that I had some strategies built up for when it's tough. Maybe there is some wisdom there but mostly I am just keeping it real.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life is beautiful

 Matt's insanely talented cousin took photos of Kaleb all around downtown Boise. I joined in for some fun, too. Kandi was so great about making Kaleb feel comfortable and captured some of his hilarious personality quirks. This ginger guy of mine is growing up. He and I have had a lot of frustration with each other lately but he keeps us all laughing as well.

 (this photo captures exactly how I feel about raising teens everyday)

Kandi posted some of these on her blog as well. If you have a moment to show her some love, please comment or share and let's get her name out there! Thanks again, Kandi, I adore these moments you seized.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Homecoming 2015

The stars aligned for my old high school friend, Jami and I's oldest kiddos to head to Timberline's Homecoming Dance together, Parker goes to a small high school that doesn't host a homecoming dance and Mariah had a fun group going together and needed just the right guy to go with. Jami and I were able to arrange a meeting and the kids hit it off. The two of them had a blast getting to know each other, posing for pictures, and dancing. They even let us parents hover around a bit, 
Jami and her husband Joel were fantastic to partner up with. We had dinner next door to the kids and just laughed until it hurt about parenting and all it's pitfalls. Jami took all these beautiful photos while the teens were coming up with more and more poses. It was so sweet for Matt and I to share this milestone with another couple.

I think they have started a great friendship. I was able to overcome a lot of worries about what these next few years will look like. I could feel that my heart stretched just a little bigger. That is the magic of young people, they are full of so much potential and possibility. It can be nerve-wracking but also inspiring.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Date night

Matt's mom ended up with some extra tickets to the BSU vs. UW game last Friday night, it made for a sweet date night. We grabbed some food at Mazzeh first, ran into the best of girlfriends tailgating, and then settled into the North End Zone for the game. The weather was chilly, neither team played well, and Matt missed the second half getting us coffee but it was a blast regardless. Funny thing, after walking back to our car at midnight, Matt saw a couple going at it in their car. The guy turned the inside car light on and the girl was totally naked while we climbed into our car to drive away. We were in a hurry, embarrassed for her, but she was comfortable sitting there without clothes on. I joked later that was because she was in college and all her parts were where they are supposed to be. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Slip n' Slime

Our boys attend the youth group at Pursuit. They have a lot of fun with friends and their leaders. A couple times a year the church hosts some epic events. This was the second year the boys came out for the chocolate syrup slip n' slime. There were four slides on the hillside next to the church; a chocolate syrup slide, a jello slide, a green slime, and a bubble slide for the younger siblings.

Some video and pictures on their Facebook page, too. A crazy good time for the boys and some of their friends from school. And I have been cleaning their clothes, the car, and the shower ever since.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Year 12

click here for my year 12 reflections. Or just have a good laugh at Matt and Winona.

When I grow up

  Everyone wants to know, what am I going to do now? This stay at home mom gig has certainly ended in some ways and in others, it hasn't changed at all. They are still demanding dinner every night, no matter how I reason that greater men have lived off cold cereal. I am presently using every spare minute to pray my guys are safe at school, go grocery shopping, pay bills, Craigslist all the junk in our garage, and catch up with friends. The future is not so clear. Maybe I will take some classes? Or maybe a job with just the right balance will come up? Right now I am having faith that the skills I've built in the last 15 years will be the perfect resume for the next 15 years. One goal I have is to draft a resume. I want to wrap words around all the late night rocking, boo-boo caring, snack mom-ing, car pooling, and Power Rangers watching days that I dedicated my twenties to.

  I guess at some level I always knew I was working myself out of a job. A more diligent woman would have held on to career goals and networking and all that. I just couldn't hold both. It was easier for me to live lean than to stay working outside the house. Now it feels empty in the house by myself. I think it's going to be the good kind of empty, though. The fresh start kind. And I know am being a bit dramatic. There is all the time they are not in school and Collin is only 8. (pretty sure that sweet boy is going to live with me forever)

  I am currently reading Anne Lamott and found this gem;

“When God is going to do something wonderful, He or She always starts with a hardship; when God is going to do something amazing, He or She starts with an impossibility. ”

― Anne LamottPlan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

    Timely, right? The same impossibility of me morphing into a soccer mom at 18 is at work now. The very same. He/She does good work with my mess. Cheers to dwelling in the possibilities!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day job

Okay, time to write. Time to put this blog to good use. I know it is a digital scrapbook of my family that you all indulge me on but I want to share more. When I do write something, share it, and get feedback, that is the best feeling. I love hearing that anything I've said resonated or made someone laugh. I realize that my life with  my five guys is a story worth being told. My story, apart from these crazy kids, is also worthy. That is the one that scares me. Being vulnerable about Aubrey, aside from wife and mother.

 So, I have been diligent to journal for over a year on what it is I want to write about. And now the doing is here. Time to get off the runway and take flight. As fate would have it, I think I broke my toe last week. All of a sudden there is ample time to sit and write.

It feels like a rebirth to me, this new season. I have friends raising foster kids, some are amazing teachers, others are pregnant, and I am left with myself during the day wondering what is next. Feeling small but I am asking God to show me. Show me how the now and the next collide. Thank you for hanging with me, those of you who read, and comment, and cheer me on. If you are just here to see cute pics of my boys, that's okay as well.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

But first, let me take a selfie

I have been sorting through pictures from this year. Every few weeks I notice some selfies pop up. I am, obviously, not against a selfie. Especially when it is clearly documenting a good hair day! This is the common thread I've observed in my selfies. I always want to remember my hair looking awesome. I even have a hairdresser, after years of searching, that understands the deep connection hair has to my mental well being. She and I discuss how my neurotic tendencies will be affected by whatever cut I am proposing. And wisely, she usually just gives me a trim ;)

After all, life isn't perfect but your hair can be.