Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  This 10 year old is hard at work in 5th grade. He is attending a virtual school so it has a lot of the flexibility of homeschool yet the computer has curriculum and lesson planning all mapped out for him. He has a certified teacher who works with him and even a lab in the area if he wants to work alongside other students and teachers. We have had field trips and parent teacher conferences but we get to work from home most days. Introverts unite!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Two weeks after the start of the school year I got a phone call saying the Village Charter School had a spot in their 7th grade class open up. I had applied for the lottery a bit late and he had been put on a wait list. Anyhow, we are all thrilled for him. It is everything mom and son were wanting in a school.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

another look

So I cleaned up a bit more of the house to photograph. There is a funny mess created when you are getting moved in. All the shifting of things until they find the place they want to live. (hint: it is never the place they last lived) But as everything finds it's place, I am liking it all a whole lot.

The oldest and youngest are sharing a room. It is strange but it is working out just fine.

I worked on this photo wall for Kaleb and he loved it. (this is noteworthy because most of mom's ideas are not working for him lately. WINNING.)

And this is our delightful back yard. Yikes, work to be done here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

last blast of summer

At the last minute we decided to visit the Western Idaho Fair this year. A fun way to send off summer, as it was the Sunday before school started.
A friend's sister Instagrammed this caption: Nothing like a $60 dinner with farm animals and strippers. #gottalovethefair
Matt and I joked about the same thing the entire time. This was his face after a remark he made. He was quite amused.
Parker and I were there for the food. Deep Fried Snickers!
This sleepy sheep was all I could capture. I lied to the kids, saying there was a 3 headed goat, just to get them to look at an exhibits. #awesomeparenting
Kaleb was spending the weekend with my parents, that is why he is not in any photos. (they were actually at the fair at the same time!)


  We sent this handsome guy off to high school this week. I am loving his stage of life right now. It's the teenage stuff but without so many raging hormones and moodiness. He is pleasant to be around. He is thoughtful and insightful and turning out so great. I write this because I was terrified and it turned out fine. (Like everything in my life, I get worked up about nothing.)
  Parker is attending a charter high school and the other 3 are enrolled in an online school this year, more on that later. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

just do it

  The new house post at last. I have a busted computer and more boxes still packed than unpacked but here goes. It is a split level home built in 1980, just like Matt and I. (ha!) We are loving living in Boise and sharing some our favorite places with the boys. (mostly food spots, hello Delsa's!) The house is a little more than 1800 sqft. in a great layout for our pack of wild animals children. 2 bedrooms up top and 2 bedrooms below with a huge family room.

  The house was remodeled by the seller so we have new siding, new paint, new flooring, etc. All of his upgrades were in very neutral choices. Kind of great to move into a blank slate and make it something more personal. Wonderful timing too, because as much as I love a fixer-upper, we have had an overwhelming summer. (The heat! And Matt is working a new job. And kids! Did you know they sometimes get bored and whiny in the summer?)

And that is all the house I felt like cleaning.