Tuesday, November 25, 2014

San Fran Sister Celebration

My sister took me on a fun fall get away for my birthday this year. She has traveled to San Francisco for work many times this year and scouted out the perfect girls trip. After all the back to school chaos, it was a delight to jump on a plane and hit the refresh button.
A weekend of good food, long chats, and mindless strolling in such a fun city.
We have very similar ideas about food. Indulging on a massive burger and then following it up with fresh carrot juice. What? I don't know, it just worked for us. 

We actually stayed in downtown Berkeley. I had a blast exploring that town and hoping to run into a Braverman ;) 
Gumbo! What a treat to have so many amazing food options in walking distance.
We traveled to San Francisco with the boys in 2009 and did all the touristy things. This was a more blissfully unplanned pace with just us sisters. Walking, shopping, eating, and photo taking. Lindsay is the master of Yelp and would find just what we had a hankering for within a few minutes. And the kicker, she paid for absolutely the entire thing! Yep, a total treat.

Friday, November 14, 2014


The school year started with a haircut for Collin. All that shaggy hair was in his eyes and so I buzzed it on week one. He is attending the virtual academy that Aden is, so home haircuts are a perk. The flexibility in the curriculum is a dream for a student like Collin. Everything is adjusted to his level and he gets a lot of repetition where he needs it and moves right ahead where he does not. Having the freedom to work from home has helped me figure out how he learns best, where the hot spots are for frustration, and we recently worked to with his doctor to start some medication. I love that I have been a part of every step but I have a certified teacher to help me where the gaps are. So many helpful tools and tricks for getting this energetic and curious little guy on his way.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


A trip with my parents to the farmstand instead of the pumpkin patch meant we saved money and still had time to go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Matt was looking for a costume last minute and Collin suggested Wolverine. Pretty cool when your son thinks you look like a superhero.
I made this owl get up last minute, one of the online inspirations I actually followed through and made.

Parker went as Franz from SNL's Hans and Franz

Cowboy Kaleb.

Aden said "Omaha!" instead of "trick-or-treat" and it was insanely adorable.

That's Collin under there. He was awake before dawn asking about jack-o-lanterns and getting dressed up. This kid has found his favorite holiday.

All in all, a low key night. A bit of trick-or-treating to a local church event and then back home to sort the piles. And the weather! That was southern Idaho Halloween at it's finest.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  This 10 year old is hard at work in 5th grade. He is attending a virtual school so it has a lot of the flexibility of homeschool yet the computer has curriculum and lesson planning all mapped out for him. He has a certified teacher who works with him and even a lab in the area if he wants to work alongside other students and teachers. We have had field trips and parent teacher conferences but we get to work from home most days. Introverts unite!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Two weeks after the start of the school year I got a phone call saying the Village Charter School had a spot in their 7th grade class open up. I had applied for the lottery a bit late and he had been put on a wait list. Anyhow, we are all thrilled for him. It is everything mom and son were wanting in a school.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

another look

So I cleaned up a bit more of the house to photograph. There is a funny mess created when you are getting moved in. All the shifting of things until they find the place they want to live. (hint: it is never the place they last lived) But as everything finds it's place, I am liking it all a whole lot.

The oldest and youngest are sharing a room. It is strange but it is working out just fine.

I worked on this photo wall for Kaleb and he loved it. (this is noteworthy because most of mom's ideas are not working for him lately. WINNING.)

And this is our delightful back yard. Yikes, work to be done here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

last blast of summer

At the last minute we decided to visit the Western Idaho Fair this year. A fun way to send off summer, as it was the Sunday before school started.
A friend's sister Instagrammed this caption: Nothing like a $60 dinner with farm animals and strippers. #gottalovethefair
Matt and I joked about the same thing the entire time. This was his face after a remark he made. He was quite amused.
Parker and I were there for the food. Deep Fried Snickers!
This sleepy sheep was all I could capture. I lied to the kids, saying there was a 3 headed goat, just to get them to look at an exhibits. #awesomeparenting
Kaleb was spending the weekend with my parents, that is why he is not in any photos. (they were actually at the fair at the same time!)