Thursday, August 27, 2015

Year 11

Hi blog friends! I am at it again. Doing my best to post on the blog and catch up on the marriage series I started. My year 11 reflection I posted is here.

I love looking back over the years we have been married. I am hoping this format is not too confusing to read. There is a tiny tag under each post that says "mawwiage" you can click on to see some of our journey together. If you are not into the links, just enjoy these Halloween pics from our past. (Yikes!) 

Cousin Meet Up

The month of August started off with a bang. The Canadian Archuletas made the 16 hour trip down to states for a two week summer vacation. Kelly and Kirsten brought home their Haitian daughters, Kloe and Kinna, in January. We were all anxious to meet them as well as Konnor, born in October. They have six kids!

The cousins all get along remarkably. We did activities everyday. Play-doh, Legos, Hot Wheels, and marble towers were a few things we tried. I had anticipated a need for tactile activities due to a huge language divide  but the girls now speak English fluently. I am so proud of all they have learned!
Koen and Kace had a fun big kid sleepover at our house. Sno cones, movies, dance party, and a campfire made for good times.

Konnor was just a joy for all of us. He is the perfect baby, squishy and sweet. He was a trooper and let everyone love on him.

Pool fun every day. The girls particularly loved swimming and improved greatly over their time here.
I loved having nieces to color with, paint nails, or rock out with in the car. They kept requesting a "girl sing," only wanting to listen to songs sung by females :) 

Not bad for trying to get all 10 kids in a photo!

Finding appropriate entertainment was challenging. We watched Inside Out in the theater together, that worked well. Megamind and watching American Ninja Warrior were two other screen time successes.

Parker, now taller than Kelly! (we checked under all that hair)
We were sad to watch them pull away. So many new memories made, too many things to list here. But I have been treasuring them over the last couple weeks. My boys all said it was the highlight of their summer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sister Trip

My sister flew me out to Seattle last month to explore the city with her. We ate, drank, and walked our way through sunny streets all weekend long.
Tamales at La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard.

Brunch at Cafe Pettirosso in Capital Hill.

Coffee at Bedlam in Belltown.

I always have a great time adventuring with her. It's good to have a sister and as far as sisters go, she's the best. Not a lot of pictures but memories made in abundance.

Year 10

Hi y'all! Remember me? This blog? This marriage series I started? 
Good news! I left off on year nine of marriage and blogged about almost every year after. I am tip toeing back into the blog, trying to share here as well as Instagram. 
I posted about year 10 here and then we went off to Seattle to celebrate, those posts are here.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Year 15

Sheakespeare's Sonnet 15 in light of our fifteenth year of marriage.When I read the cliff notes it had this to say:  life is transitory and ever-changing. Even the youth's beauty will fade over time, but because the poet knows that this metamorphosis is inevitable, he gains an even stronger appreciation of the young man's beautiful appearance in the present time — at least in the present time within the sonnet. Ironically, then, the youth's beauty is both transitory and permanent — transitory because all things in nature mutate and decay over time, and permanent because the inevitable aging process, which the poet is wholly aware of as inevitable, intensifies the young man's present beauty: Generally, the more momentary an object lasts, the more vibrant and intense is its short life span.
 I thought that was fitting. Year 15 had a few major transitions. Another house, new school options, and a new job. A lot of reminders that youth is fading, we are tired!

Not a lot of romantic things to say, I blame our teenagers. I'll wrap this up with a quote I found;
"A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity."

(I am working to catch up on the marriage series I started, we left off on year 9.)

Friday, April 3, 2015


Parker's JV lacrosse debut! He is playing for Centennial High School and enjoying a new position on attack. The year kicked off with a tournament in Reno. 
Matt and I were up for some one on one time with Parker while Grandma Ellen took the other 3 boys for a fun weekend of their own.

(real reason for the road trip)

He played so well all weekend and scored more goals than all of last season. We stayed an extra day to sleep in and check out the outlet mall in Sparks. And one more meal at In and Out before hitting the road.

Parker is the best company, I joke that I gave birth to my best friends. Also, you can almost see in the picture that he is now taller than his dad. That seems noteworthy to me and it is still so bizarre that we have a child in high school!


  Our sweet, enthusiastic Collin turned eight last week! We had dinner with friends at Dave and Buster's. (So much fun apparently, he couldn't even button those pants!) He also had blessed individual time with grandparents. And he received thoughtful gifts from Auntie and Uncle in the mail. (Is there anything better than finding out that UPS has something for YOU?)
  Collin is spirited and creative and bold. He is loving life and making optimists of us all. His joy is boundless and his smile gets him off the hook for just about anything. We love you, baby boy!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sweet P

“If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.”

― Audrey Hepburn

  I have been so weighed down with the news these days. I try to stay away from too much of it but you would have to live under a rock to not hear some of it. Terror, disease, corruption. It's heavy stuff. But today I am thrilled to share something making me very happy.
  Back in October my girl Marcela hooked me up with a fun photoshoot. I have the honor of being "Fairy Godmother" to Paloma and Marcela wanted to celebrate that.We joined up with Amy Jean Photography (highly recommend) just in time to grab the perfect light.
  This little girl is pure sass. Can't imagine why we get along? ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


  Parker is 15 today! There are a lot of things I could say about this. My heart is so full of love for this kid. I am settling into a new posture with the young man he is becoming. When I go in for a hug my head now fits on his shoulder, resting under his chin. Surreal to have to look up at your child. He is the most reasonable person I know. He has brains and wit that make me so proud. I have some of my best conversations with him. Because I was a teen mama, I feel like we have grown up together. There is so much of a friendship between us. Mostly, I feel an overwhelming sense of unmerited favor when it comes to Parker. Matt and I have tried to be great parents but really it has been grace. Buckets of grace. I am so very glad this was the plan for our family.

  We are long past the days of Power Ranger parties, you know, where the tablecloth matches the plates? It is different now. Parker wanted to play basketball this season and he has a few restaurants that have peaked his foodie curiosity. So that's how we will celebrate, cheering him on at his games and eating out around the Treasure Valley.

  This is Parker at 15:
Fantastic friend, straight A's, sick of braces, ready to drive this summer, funny and loves riddles, taller than Dad, tech support for our household, playing freshman basketball and lacrosse for Centennial High School, reading C.S. Lewis, loves to sleep-in, makes himself breakfast and lunch daily (but is never full), confident, lives to debate.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Whew! We made it. Cheers to you, 2015. When I reflect back on 2014 it felt just awful. Then I made this little slide show,
and it felt wonderful. Weird. Our year was real fun for the first half. We started the whole thing off with a trip to Disney, January 1st. Bought the house in May and then budgeted our lives away for 7 months ;)